There are several parts and materials in malfunctioning or broken air conditioners that may be recycled. At Mehdi Copper Recycling, we urge individuals to let us remove any unwanted old air condition scrap Sydney from their possession. We can disassemble a variety of heating and cooling systems at our scrap yard so that their individual components can be reused. Whether you have split unit air conditioning junk or another type of system with valuable salvage, we’ll make sure you receive the greatest price.


Our goal is to recover air conditioning parts for recycling in order to prevent their disposal in landfills and their unauthorized discharge of refrigerants into the atmosphere. Air condition scraps Sydney is collected, recycled and sold as part of our full-service recycling center’s individualized service. You can rely on our expertly qualified and well-equipped employees to provide prompt processing, secure handling, and dependable logistical retrieval. We can be relied upon to conduct operations in an extremely responsible and sustainable manner while utilizing the best materials handling and recycling equipment because of our more than ten years of practical professional expertise.

Why US?

Our #1 idea is to deliver all of our business and residential clients the best possible scrap metal recycling services. We take pride in our expertise and commitment to providing excellent customer service. Mehdi Copper Recycling is able to provide transportation to collect air conditioners, duct work, and related ferrous and nonferrous parts within this industry ready for recycling.

We work closely with service providers, contractors, and industry experts. All air conditioners are disassembled and their parts recycled. We make sure that every gas is eliminated, protecting the environment from dangerous greenhouse gases. For all sizes of commercial projects, from small to large, we offer transportation and AC removal. Our staff is capable of removing air conditioning equipment from various sorts of business projects, including factories, schools, hospitals, and residential buildings.

We provide all of our domestic and residential customers with simple drop-off service. We also specialize in removing old air conditioners, old refrigerators, freezers, aluminum windows, and old metal roofs, and that is only the beginning! Call us right away to organize a pickup or delivery of a scrap metal bin if you have scrap metal that needs to be removed.


By donating your used air conditioner parts to us, you may make a sizable profit. We evaluate your scrap using cutting-edge computerized weighing methods, taking into consideration both its amount and quality, before providing you a price that you may accept or reject without being under any obligation. We have reasonable prices, and you can trust us to never take advantage of you or try to overcharge you.


When it comes to the effective removal and recycling of air conditioners, Mehdi Copper Recycling is the only option worth considering. Visit our contact page and select your preferred means of communication with us to learn more, request an estimate, or schedule our services. We’ll make a sincere effort to help you and ensure that the result meets your standards.