Engine Scrap Sydney

Mehdi Copper Recycling is a recognized scrap metal collection service provider in Sydney with many years of industry experience. Mehdi Copper Recycling takes excellent satisfaction in its wide range of services, deep expertise in its field, and superior quality of client service.

Our services and capabilities

We provide dependable pickup services to collect your engine scraps for further processing. Our goal is to provide top-notch service by managing, processing, and responsibly exporting ferrous and nonferrous scrap engines. In Sydney, we have developed into industry leaders in scrap metal sales and service while running our company safely and sustainably. Our commitment to you, our client, and the high standards we follow in providing unparalleled quality service are critical factors in our success.

Successful Disposal

Besides calling us, you can easily reach our collection and drop-off location because of its handy location. You may quickly drive in with your Scrap and drive out with your cash because our staff doesn’t have a long line. Then, after sorting through all of the waste, we will ship it to Sydney so that it may be recycled in environmentally beneficial ways.

Wheel Scale Weight

We calculate your scrap quantity promptly, ensuring you receive the appropriate payment for your engine scrap. After performing the on-site weighing, our staff will provide you with immediate cash payment for all of your scrap engines.


To meet your demands for on-site recycling, we have a wide range of bins available, including Roll-Off Bins, Lugger Bins, and Totes. We have the tools to help you, whether you’re a big factory or a little contractor. Mehdi Copper Recycling services promise to provide you with an accurate estimate and prompt service.


Municipality councils hardly pick up engine scrap. Thus Mehdi Copper Recycling is prepared to come for scrap metal pick up. So we can move heavy or light loads and know proper recycling and disposal procedures.

What It Does

The removal of scrap metal involves the following steps:

  • – We show up on time for the appointment.
  • – Point out where the scrap engine is that our crew needs to collect.

How Important Is Recycling?

Metal does not decompose in landfills; it remains inert for all time. We pledge to employ the most eco-friendly disposal techniques on the market. The various scrap metal pickup types are listed below:

  • – Aluminum
  • – Brass
  • – Bronze
  • – Copper
  • – Steel

Final Words

Our goal is to strengthen scrap pickup companies. Respect, Integrity, and Trust are values we uphold. In addition, we support the importance of tenacity, commitment, and voluntarism.

Our upfront scrap collection pricing covers labor, travel, transportation, disposal, and recycling based on weight and volume. Receive a free estimate, and we’ll be in touch to discuss pricing. We visit you to facilitate as scheduled. We are considerate of your time, space, and possessions. We have the necessary licenses and insurance.