Scrap Metal Sydney

Do you have any leftover scrap metal? You likely have scrap metal on hand if you’ve recently had renovations, DIY home projects, or car maintenance. Mehdi Copper Recycling provides a removalist service that can help you get the scrap metal out of your space. Unfortunately, it’s one of the more hazardous garbage items to remove because of its nature. However, you can trust that your Scrap is handled properly since our crew removes scrap metal following government and council rules.

Why is it essential to hire a scrap metal collector?

By hiring a scrap collection service to give your metal scrap away for recycling, you can cut down on resource consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and landfill space needs. Producing new items using recycled metals uses far less water and energy than doing the same thing with contemporary metals. In addition, utilizing a scrap metal bin will help support the circular economy and a more sustainable future because most homes and businesses have recyclable metal.

Understand Your Scrap Metal Products

Any significant unwanted item made of at least 51 percent of metal is considered scrap metal. However, it might not be considered scrap metal if it is less than 51 percent.

The Scrap Metal Collection includes:

We can pick up a variety of ferrous and nonferrous metals, including:

  • – Copper pipes, iron, and steel.
  • – bicycles
  • – Stainless steel and aluminum tyre rims
  • – vehicle batteries
  • – cabinet made of brass and lead metal
  • – equipment and equipment for exercising (weight benches, treadmills, etc.).
  • – BBQs and lawnmowers
  • – steel doors
  • – Iron railings and furniture
  • – shower rooms
  • – sewing apparatus
  • – metal lawn furniture.
  • – Wire clothes hangers, automobile components that shouldn’t weigh more than 60 pounds (28 kg).
  • – Dishes and pots
  • – The following large home appliances are included: stoves, wall ovens, microwave ovens, freezers, dishwashers, dehumidifiers, clothes washers, clothes dryers, and air-conditioners)

Metal Scrap Pick-up with Convenience

It’s challenging to do a DIY metal recycling job. However, you can rely on our scrap metal pickup services at Mehdi Copper Recycling. We will handle all of your scrap metal disposal and recycling needs if you give us a call. We can manage all kinds of scrap metal and offer you all the assistance required. We will remove all trash and waste as part of all of our removal services, which also include a tidy.


Australia-wide Mehdi Copper Recycling services are available in Sydney suburbs.

We can collect a variety of scrap metal goods. Stainless steel, broken machinery, iron, copper pipes, bicycles, aluminum, grills, tyre rims, car batteries, pots, and pans are typical jobs.

The amount of scrap metal needed to be removed and your location will determine how much the job will cost. Call us right away for a free quote without commitment.

We prioritize safe and environmentally responsible waste collection because it is something we take very seriously. To guarantee that the environment is maintained, our staff ensures they abide by all governmental and local ordinances.