Scrap Pick Up Service

Scrap comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some of the garbage might be combined with scrap metal due to initiatives like home renovations and auto repairs. Scrap metal is a precious resource that may be recycled and used to create new things, so it shouldn’t be tossed out with the garbage. In addition to giving this trash a second opportunity through proper disposal, recycling scrap metal keeps things that can’t decompose naturally out of landfills and protects the environment. We can collect scrap metal from your house and place of business with just a point. To save your back, time, and peace of mind, we handle all the heavy lifting, are entirely insured, and recycle whenever it is practical.

What types of Scrap do we pick up?

  • – Aluminum- One of the most commonly recycled types of scrap metal is aluminum. Aluminum is used to make various household products, such as soda cans and food tins. Aluminum cans are melted down as part of the recycling process so they can be used again to make new items.
  • – Cast iron- It could be time for a new one. That metal still has value, so don’t throw it out with the rest of your garbage! Call us immediately, and we’ll assist you in recycling your old cast iron tools to keep the environment clean and landfills free of bulky scrap metal.
  • – Tin- Tin is a soft metal used in various everyday objects, including electronics, food and drink cans, pots, and pans. The tin should be provided to nearby scrap metal purchasers and recycling facilities before being disposed of in a landfill so that it can be used again and keep its value.
  • – Brass- You might come across leftover brass plumbing fixtures or other miscellaneous items after remodeling or deep cleaning projects. Fortunately, the brass can be recycled by being melted down.

Why choose us?

Scrap removal can be difficult and a safety hazard for any homeowner or family due to the abundance of heavy, bulky objects, sharp edges, and corrosion. With our on-site scrap metal pickup, Jiffy Junk’s professionally trained personnel can swiftly and safely remove any of your outdated materials, relieving you of the load. Mehdi Copper Recycling’s metal scrappers will clean up your mess after giving you an immediate price, freeing up that extra space in your house and ensuring that all materials are recycled appropriately.

We have been in business for many years. As a result, we have established a reputation as Sydney’s top scrap metal pickup service. The main factors that have propelled us to this position are our timely and fair service. We come to your site, weigh your scrap metal on the spot, and give you a reasonable price. This is a convenient and transparent service. As a result, everyone saves time, and the procedure is hassle-free.