Scrap Batteries Pick Up

Are you afraid of the enormous battery collection in your garage and want to get rid of them at an affordable rate? Well, Mehdi Copper Recycling has got your back. Along with scrap metal, scrap batteries also prove hazardous to your health if not disposed of properly.

Protect from Toxic Elements

The best solution to cover this large huddle of scrap batteries is to sell them at a special rate to the recycling company so they can use them for a better purpose. There are different varieties of batteries, including the popular car batteries that use lithium or lead acid in their composition. Hence, they tend to be toxic due to their chemicals. Each car battery contains lead, mercury, sulphuric acid, cadmium, nickel, etc.; these elements can pollute or harm the water if not disposed of carefully.

To solve this issue, Mehdi Copper Recycling has come into the market. With several years of experience in the metal industry, we make sure to safely pick up your scrap batteries and sell them to the scrap yards for recycling. Mehdi Copper Recycling’s team of experts does their job with proper care and attention, so our customers get 100% satisfaction with our working environment. Most importantly, you can earn a good amount of money by selling these batteries to us and cleaning your garage from the toxic elements of batteries.

Maximum Results in Minimum Time

We buy and pick up all types of lead batteries at Mehdi Copper Recycling. So, whether it’s a car battery, a motorcycle battery, truck battery, solar panels, or emergency lighting, we will provide pickup services by quoting the best price for your scrap batteries. To ensure maximum results in the minimum recycling process, Mehdi Copper Recycling contacts the best recyclers in the town, so your scrap batteries are delivered in the right hands and at the right place.

Time management, the best affordable prices, and on-time delivery all increase our trust in customers. For each type of battery, we also ensure on-time payments with a hassle-free experience for our clients. Regardless of your battery type and size, Mehdi Copper Recycling’s experts will come to your doorstep and collect the scrap batteries without charging you the transport fee.

Use of Specialized types of equipment

Mehdi Copper Recycling’s comprehensive and user-friendly services gain enough customers’ trust and create a smooth service experience. With the specialized vehicles and latest gadgets, Mehdi Copper Recycling will instantly reach your location to collect the metals and scrap batteries from your garage and other occupied spaces. To maintain a clean and safe working environment, our team uses gloves, specialized clothes, and safety glasses so our clients don’t get disturbed by the working clamor.

As car batteries need more care and attention, it is always recommended to take professional help when dealing with these toxic elements and storms. In compliance with the terms and regulations of EPA ( Environment Protection Authority), our specialists are always available to remove and pick up hazardous waste metals. Hence, if you need further assistance and want to know more about the pickup services and collection process, don’t hesitate to give us a quick call, and Mehndi Copper Recycling will be at your doorstep soon.