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Professional Electric Motor Scrap Collection Service in Sydney

Are you looking forward to selling one or multiple scrap engines and getting a reasonably good price in return? Your search should end at Mehdi Copper Recycling. Based in Sydney, we are one of the most trustworthy names, offering electric motor scrap pick up in Sydney and accepting every variety of scrap electric machines and motors. They may include but are not limited to starter motors, electric tool scrap alternators, and other stuff. Besides purchasing, we also offer effective recycling service for engines that are reused multiple times. This saves the engines from being disassembled into several components and being thrown away in landfills to cause environmental hazards. We are sure that our top-notch service and reasonable prices will satisfy you.

Our Services

Mehdi Copper Recycling in Sydney – Australia, is where you can discover buyers for all kinds of scrap metal, offering electric motor scrap pick up in Sydney. There is nothing we can’t manage, from copper to small motors, aluminium to steel! We care that you identify the ideal solution for your Scrap. We provide competitive prices and a quick collection program with respect to engine type/condition and other variables like the amount of lead or stainless steel that may be present on an item. You can also feel secure knowing that we have skilled recyclers available around-the-clock, seven days a week, to guarantee that every junk motor is recycled ethically.

We provide 24-hour electric motor scrap pick up service in Sydney and can deliver a variety of bin sizes to your house or place of business to meet your needs.

What's an electric motor?

Electric motors use rotating force to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. Most modern gear, appliances, and vehicles, including vacuum cleaners, electric drills, and automobiles, are powered by electric motors. Several variations within the junk electric motor family result in various grades. Electric motor scrap prices are frequently expressed in kilograms and depend on the motor’s composition, such as whether it is made of steel, aluminium, or copper.

Which components of the engine can be scrapped?

The majority of the engine can be scrapped. However, the copper wiring on the inside will probably be more valuable than the exterior shell. This is because copper is the most abundant type of scrap metal typically found in motors. Although aluminium wiring is also available, it is less valuable than copper. So it’s up to you whether you want to disassemble the engine, hand it off to your electric motor scrap pick up in Sydney. But if you open it yourself, you can examine what’s inside and go into the scrap yard better equipped.

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Are you in search of a professional and highly competent service that collects engines and motor scrap? Mehdi Copper Recycling is Sydney’s leading scrap dealer and offers the best prices. One of our enthusiastic and knowledgeable team members offering electric motor scrap pick up in Sydney can answer any queries about scrap metal in Sydney. Call us now!